Registrations are now closed for most sports. Click here for details about the remaining registration options.

The World Masters Games is the biggest multi-sport event on earth, and in April 2017, it’s coming to Auckland, New Zealand. Twenty-five thousand athletes from more than 100 countries will touch down in the city for 10 days of sporting challenge and excitement.

It will be an unmissable occasion for those who love sport – featuring 28 sports played across 48 competition venues in one of the world’s most naturally beautiful cities.

Be an Athlete/Para-Sport Athlete

Founded on the ‘sport for all’ philosophy of the Olympic Charter, the World Masters Games is a global festival of sport for amateur athletes of all ages and capabilities. You don’t need to qualify or be selected. You just need to be of masters age in your chosen sport. In most cases, this is 30 or 35 years.

The official programme features 28 sports and 45 disciplines, which means there’s something for almost every interest. Athletes and Para-Sport Athletes register to compete in the field of play in their own age group and preferred category – competitive, recreational or social. Medals are awarded in all age and participation categories.

So whether you’re serious about winning or in it for fun, the event is for you.

Find out how to register and reserve your place on the start line, alongside 25,000 other masters athletes from around the world.

Be a Supporter

If you’re family, friends or a colleague of an Athlete or Para-Sport Athlete, you too can have the full World Masters Games festival experience by purchasing an official Supporter package. This entitles you to all the same great benefits and access as your Athlete, but for a reduced rate to take account of your non-competing status.

Check out the Participation Packages details.

Supporters are strongly encouraged to purchase the same level of package (Gold, Silver or Bronze) as their Athlete to ensure they receive the same benefits.


How to register.