Registrations are now closed for most sports. Click here for details about the remaining registration options.

Coaches and Managers play an important role in the World Masters Games as the glue that binds a team together. That’s why they have their own participation package as a Non-Playing Official, which allows them to be an official participant, while not competing in the sport programme.

Non-Playing Officials don’t take to the field of play and they aren’t eligible to receive a medal, but they can join the rest of the team in the official social events. Team medical personnel and scorers are also eligible to purchase a Non-Playing Official package to ensure they receive the same benefits.

Non-Playing Officials are encouraged to purchase the same level of participation package as their athletes to ensure the same access to ceremonies, events and services. Find out more about participation packages for Non-Playing Officials.

If you intend to compete in any sport, please register as an Athlete or Para-Sport Athlete. You can add yourself as a Non-Player in either a different discipline or a second sport, without incurring a further charge. 

Registering a team

With the added complexity of ensuring everyone in a team is registered in time, it’s best to start the registration process as early as possible.

The first person within each team to complete registration has the responsibility to officially create the team. That person will become the designated contact, so it makes sense for this individual to be the coach, manager or captain.

After creating the team, the first registrant will also be able to invite team members to register by entering their email addresses. This will send an automated email to each team member with instructions on how to register themselves, including a unique code which enables them to join the registered team.

How to Register.