The World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer roles are split into four categories - each is quite distinctive, and you should apply for the category most suitable to your skills and experience. The four volunteer categories are outlined below:


Volunteer Category




Technical Delegate with extensive experience in, and responsibility for, delivering their chosen sport. Technical Delegates are appointed directly by their sport and this category is not open to the general public for volunteer applications. Please consult with your chosen sport for further information regarding a Technical Volunteer nomination.

All Technical Delegates have been assigned to each sport and this role is now CLOSED. 



All referees and umpires, as well as those who assist with the delivery of each sport (such as marshals, assisting at aid stations, equipment set up).



Assisting with all aspects of the delivery of the Games – such as transport, ceremonies, workforce, marketing, commercial, accreditation and registration.

All Games Volunteer roles are full. Applications have closed.



Qualified First Aiders are required at each Games venue. Relevant equipment will be provided at each venue to Volunteers who are able to fulfill this role. 



Technical Delegates have extensive experience in, and responsibility for, delivering their chosen sport. Technical Delegates are appointed directly by their sport, and in some cases, the International Federation. Please consult with your chosen sport national organising body for a Technical Volunteer nomination before applying for this volunteer position.

Technical Volunteer position description 



Includes all referees and umpires, as well as Sport Crew to assist with the delivery of each sport (such as marshals, assisting at aid stations, equipment set-up). The Sport Team are an essential aspect of the delivery of all 28 sports.

Official position description 

Sport Crew position description 



Accreditation and Registration team

The Accreditation and Registration Team are responsible for ensuring all athletes, volunteers, officials, supporters, VIPs and guests are accredited for the Games. Accreditation enables registered participants to take part in the Games. The team has a strong administrative and customer service focus.

Volunteers in the Accreditation and Registration Crew are required for volunteer shifts from early April.

Accreditation and Registration Team Leader position description 

Accreditation and Registration Crew position description 



The Ceremonies Crew will assist with general operational aspects of both the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony - events which will be marquee moments during the Games and a highlight for many of the 25,000 athletes and their supporters.

Ceremonies Crew position description

Ceremonies Team Leader


Games Crew

Based at each Games venue (including the Games Entertainment Hub), the Games Crew ensure athletes have all the information they require to compete and enjoy their World Masters Games experience, as well as provide general support to the sport delivery team and venue.

Games Crew position description 

Games Team Leader position description 



The Logistics Crew assist with the set-up of all 45 Games venues, ensuring all signage and equipment is delivered, set-up and ready for competition to begin.

Logistics Crew position description 


Communication Services

The Communication Services Team is responsible for collecting and publishing Games content for participants and accredited media.

This team also provides support services to accredited media at the WMG2017 Media Centre.

Media Services Team Leader position description

Media Services Crew position description 

Digital Services Crew position description 


Transport – Fleet

The Transport - Fleet team are responsible for the coordination of a fleet of vehicles and drivers, providing a transport service to Games VIPs.

Fleet Coordinator position description 

Fleet Driver position description


Transport – Information

The Transport Hub Crew provide assistance to competitors at the key transport hub of Britomart and its surrounding area to connect competitors to relevant public transport and shuttle buses services.

Transport Hub Crew position description



The Workforce Crew are the support system behind the volunteer programme. The Workforce Crew ensure all 4,000 Volunteers are uniformed, trained, accredited, well-informed and well-looked after throughout WMG2017.

Workforce Crew position description 


Commerical - Sponsor Liaison

Sponsor Liaisons are key ambassadors for WMG2017, providing support to sponsors and commercial partners. They will also assist athletes to ensure they have all the information they require to have an enjoyable experience at WMG2017.

Sponsor Liaison position description


Commerical - VIP Crew

The VIP Crew provide support and coordination to the WMG2017 VIP Programme, ensuring officials, guests and members of the International Master Games Association (IMGA) are provided with alevel of service throughout their visit. The team will also provide a high level of customer service to Gold Package Athletes and ensure they have all the information they require to have the best possible Games experience.

VIP Crew position description



Expressions of interest from qualified medical professionals (such as physiotherapist, massage therapist) to provide services to athletes at sport competition venues are welcome. Medical Professionals must provide their own equipment and resources.

The intention is that medical services are provided to athletes free of charge or at a minimal cost. Medical professionals who are registered ACC providers can provide services under this system and claim accordingly.

Qualified First Aiders are also required at each Games venue. First Aid kits and relevant equipment will be provided at each venue to volunteers who are able to fulfil this role.

Medical Volunteer position description