What is World Masters Games 2017?

World Masters Games 2017 is the biggest multi-sport event on earth, with more athletes than the Olympics. It is held every four years, with Auckland hosting the 9th edition of the event in 2017.

25,000 athletes will compete across 28 different sports and 45 different venues throughout Auckland and Waikato. Whether playing to stay fit, to have fun or quite simply to win, it is the event of a lifetime.


When are the World Masters Games 2017?

The Games run over 10 days from April 21 – 30, 2017


Where do you need volunteers?

World Masters Games 2017 needs volunteers in both Auckland and Waikato.

Volunteers in Auckland will be based in venues right across the city, while volunteers in Waikato will be based at Cambridge’s Avantidome, or Lake Karapiro. You see a full list of the venues here

How many volunteers are needed?

We are seeking up to 4,000 volunteers to help ensure World Masters Games 2017 is a success.


What attributes are you looking for in World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers?

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have an ability to work well in a team environment and ‘go the extra mile’
  • Are approachable and friendly
  • Will be an outstanding ambassador for World Masters Games 2017


What are the minimum requirements for World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers?

There are a number of minimum requirements and commitments that all World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers must meet:

  • Be at least 17 years of age (as at December 31 2016)
  • Be available for a minimum of four volunteer shifts during the Games period (April 21 – 30, 2017)
  • Be available to attend an in-person interview (held in Auckland and Waikato in 2016)
  • Be available to attend training (March / April 2017) and collect your uniform and accreditation pass (April 2017)
  • Consent to and successfully undertake NZ Police Vetting
  • Agree to World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer terms and conditions
  • Ability to cover you own travel and accommodation costs


What is the process to become a World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer?

There are a number of steps in the volunteer journey, which begins with online application.

**please note, some volunteer roles (such as Technical Volunteers) may be except from the interview stage as they will be endorsed by their sporting organisation.



How do I apply to be a World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer?

Applications can be made here.

All volunteers must apply online, and there is no paper-based application process.


I am having technical trouble with my application, can you help?

Yes, we sure can!

If you are having any trouble completing your online application, please call us on 0800 777 463 between 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Or send us an email


I am based overseas, can I apply to be a World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer?

Yes, volunteer applications will be accepted from those based outside New Zealand, as long as you are able to fulfil the minimum requirements to volunteer.

However, please note, that in the case of over-subscription, preference will be given to those volunteers residing in New Zealand.


When do volunteer applications close?

We anticipate volunteer applications will be open until early 2017, but will close earlier if our volunteer requirement is reached. It is strongly encouraged you complete your volunteer application as early as possible.

Please note, Technical Volunteer and Games Volunteer categories are full, and applications have closed. For these areas.


In the application, there is a field asking for a ‘volunteer code’. What is this?

This is an optional field, and if you have not been issued with a volunteer code, please leave this field blank.

Volunteer codes will be issued to some groups of volunteers so they can be identified through the application process.

An example of this would be an umpire who has been endorsed by their chosen sport for a Sport Volunteer role, would receive a volunteer code to enable the Volunteer Team to identify them when processing their application, and automatically know they meet the sports required qualification.


Why do I have to agree to NZ Police Vetting to be a World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer?

It is common practice in major, international sporting events (both in New Zealand and around the world), to ensure the workforce is recruited in a manner that protects the safety of all workforce members, competitors and Games partners. World Masters Games 2017 is adhering to those high standards by processing all volunteers through NZ Police Vetting.


What information do I need to provide for NZ Police Vetting?

In order to be processed through NZ Police Vetting you must have a New Zealand address (must be a street address, PO Box addresses will not be accepted), and you must have EITHER:

  • Valid NZ Driver Licence OR
  • Valid passport (international passports will be accepted)

It is mandatory that you have at least one of the above forms of identification.

The above information is collected from you as part of your volunteer application, and at the interview stage you will be required to sign a NZ Police Vetting consent form and bring along your identification to be sighted.


Does having a conviction mean I can’t volunteer?

Not necessarily – NZ Police will make a judgement call on your ability to be involved in World Masters Games 2017. Your information also stays confidential between NZ Police and yourself, and World Masters Games2017 is not privy to any details.

If you have a driving conviction, it is likely you can volunteer in a non-driving role.


What happens to the information I provide in my volunteer application?

All information you provide in your volunteer application is kept confidential.

Your information will be reviewed and  assessed by the World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers Team, and personal details will only be passed on to external parties if you provide permission for us to do so (an option to provide permission for this occurs towards the end of the application process).



There are four different volunteer categories, which should I apply for?

The World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer roles are split into four categories - each is quite distinctive and you should apply for the category most suitable to your skills and experience. The four volunteer categories are outlined below:


Volunteer Category




Technical Delegate with extensive experience in, and responsibility for, delivering their chosen sport. Technical Delegates are appointed directly by their sport and this category is not open to the general public for volunteer applications. Please consult with your chosen sport for further information regarding a Technical Volunteer nomination.

All Technical Delegates have been assigned to each sport and this role is now CLOSED. 



All referees and umpires, as well as those who assist with the delivery of each sport (such as marshals, assisting at aid stations, equipment set up).

All Sport Volunteer roles are full. Applications have closed.



Assisting with all aspects of the delivery of the Games – such as transport, ceremonies, workforce, marketing, commercial, accreditation and registration.

All Games Volunteer roles are full. Applications have closed.



Qualified First Aiders are required at each Games venue. Relevant equipment will be provided at each venue to Volunteers who are able to fulfill this role. 

All Medical Volunteer roles are full. Applications have closed.


If you have any queries in regards to which category you should apply for, please contact us on or 0800 777 463. 


What volunteer roles are available?

In each volunteer category, there are a variety of volunteer roles available. Different roles suit different sets of skills, backgrounds and levels of experience.

Please note, a number of roles have now been closed due to capacity being reached. The roles that are still available can be seen clearly during the online application. 

A full list of volunteer roles, and position descriptions for each role, can be found here.


Can I apply for a role with a friend or family member?

We encourage friends and family to apply as volunteers, and will make every effort to accommodate scheduling requests so that you can volunteer together.

However, with up to 4,000 volunteers the role allocation and scheduling process is very complex and although we will endeavour to accommodate requests, this may not always be possible.


How will I find out if I have a volunteer role?

Volunteer role offers will be distributed via email, after the volunteer interview stage. This will commence in October 2016 (see above ‘Volunteer Journey’).



What are the benefits of being a World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer?

There are many benefits of being a volunteer for the largest multi-sport event in the world! To name a few…. new friendships, work experience, the chance to play an integral role in the delivery of the Games, contribute to your chosen sport, working in a team and showcasing the best that Auckland and Waikato have to the world.

Most of all, it is your chance to help the 25,000 athletes achieve their goals – whether this be a gold medal, achieving a personal best or just simply taking part with friends.

Tangible benefits also include:

  • World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer uniform
  • Meal and refreshments at each shift
  • Training
  • Invitation to a ‘Volunteer Thank You’ Event at the conclusion of the Games
  • Access to free public transport to get to/from your shifts (on Auckland Transport buses and trains)


Do World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers receive free tickets?

World Masters Games 2017 is a free event; there is no ticketed entry to any of the venues on days of competition.



What is the Volunteer Portal?

The Volunteer Portal is your online information hub for the World Masters Games 2017 Volunteer Programme. This is where your application information is stored, and along the journey, information relating to your volunteer role, schedule, training and Games-time experience will be available.


How do I login to my Volunteer Portal?

We have made some changes to our system to ensure it is as user friendly as possible for our 4,000 Pit Crew Volunteers. If you have already applied to volunteer, you can login to view your portal here

If you have confirmed your volunteer role offer, you can login here


How do I update my personal information?

You can update your personal information at any stage by logging in to your Volunteer Portal. You will not be able to alter your application information after your volunteer application has been processed.


I’ve forgotten my username or password, what should I do?

Contact the World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers Team on or 0800 777 463 and we can re-set your username or password.


My situation has changed and I can no longer volunteer, what should I do?

Please contact the World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers Team at  or 0800 777 463 and we can withdraw your application.



Which sports are included in World Masters Games 2017?

There are 28 sports and 45 disciplines in the official programme of World Masters Games 2017.

They are: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Canoe, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lawn bowls, Netball, Orienteering, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Softball, Squash, Surf Life Saving, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Touch, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Weightlifting.

All sports competitions are run to international federation rules and guidelines. Many sports offer different grades of competition from competitive to social. This presents participants of all abilities the opportunity to compete against athletes of similar capability.

Each sport offer men’s and women’s competitions except Baseball, which is men’s only. As is customary, two sports – Weightlifting and Orienteering – will hold their annual World Masters Championships at World Masters Games 2017.

You can see full details of all sports here


I'm a referee / umpire, how do I get involved?

World Masters Games 2017 requires a large number of referees and umpires across the 28 sports. All referees and umpires are included in the Volunteer Programme, and must complete an online application here.

Each sport has a different qualification requirement for referees or umpires, so please contact your chosen sport for more details before applying. If you are unsure how to get in touch with your chosen sport, contact us via or 0800 777 463 and we can put you in contact with the correct person.


Can I compete as an athlete and volunteer at World Masters Games 2017?

Yes, you can.

However, you need to ensure that the sport you are competing in allows enough time for you to also fulfil the minimum volunteer requirements.  It is each volunteer’s responsibility to ensure their schedule allows for both commitments before applying to volunteer.

For example, if you competing in basketball which runs for the duration of the Games, it is unlikely you will also be able to volunteer. But if you are competing in the Athletics Road Race, it is likely you will have the time to commit to volunteer as well as compete.

You must also be able to fulfil the minimum commitment for volunteers, which are outlined above.


Can I be a Non-Playing Official or Supporter and volunteer at World Masters Games 2017?

Yes, you can.

However, you need to ensure that the sport you are a Non-Playing Official or Supporter in allows enough time for you to also fulfil the minimum volunteer requirements.  It is each volunteer’s responsibility to ensure their schedule allows for both commitments before applying to volunteer.

You must also be able to fulfil the minimum commitment for volunteers, which are outlined above.


What is the competition schedule?

You can view the full sport schedule here  


Which venues are being used?

There are 45 venues across Auckland and Waikato used for the 28 different sports.

You can view a specific venue map for each sport here.

Summarised below are all 45 venues, and the sports that will be played at each. You will notice some venues will host multiple sports.

The 45 venues are split into ‘clusters’ - a cluster is a group of venues based on their geographic location. Some of our volunteer roles (such as Games Crew) will cover a cluster of venues. If relevant to your role, you may be scheduled to volunteer shifts in venues throughout your assigned cluster. This can provide great variety to your role, and interaction with different sports and different venues.


Cluster name




Albany Tennis Centre


Massey University, Albany campus


North Harbour Hockey Stadium


North Harbour Softball Stadium


North Harbour Stadium


Bruce Pulman Park

Bruce Pulman Park

Basketball, touch, cycling – road race start/finish

Cornwall / Mt Eden

ASB Showgrounds

Archery - Indoor

Auckland Badminton Centre


Auckland Domain

Athletics – Cross Country

Auckland Table Tennis Centre

Table Tennis

Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club

Lawn Bowls

Cornwall Park

Archery - target

Mt Eden Bowling Club

Law Bowls

Remuera Bowling Club

Lawn Bowls

Remuera Golf Club


The University of Auckland, Epsom campus

Orienteering – Sprint Model


Auckland Netball Centre


Colin Maiden Park


Crossfield Reserve


Lloyd Elsmore Park

Baseball, rugby

Pakuranga Golf Club


Mairangi Bay

AUT Millennium

Swimming, water polo, weightlifting

Mairangi Bay Beach Volleyball Centre

Beach volleyball

Rangitoto College


Torbay Sailing Club



Clevedon roads

Cycling – road race


Canoe slalom



AUT University, North Shore campus


Lake Pupuke

Canoe polo, dragon boating, flatwater canoe, waka ama

North Harbour Badminton Centre


North Shore Squash Club


Takapuna Beach

Ocean ski, surf live saving, swimming – ocean, waka ama

The North Shore Events Centre


Westlake Girls High School


The Trusts

The Trusts Arena


The Trusts Arena – Douglas Track and Field

Athletics – track and field



Cycling - track

Lake Karapiro


Waterfront / City Centre


Auckland Waterfront

Athletics – road race, cycling – time trial, orienteering – sprint qualification, triathlon

The University of Auckland, city campus

Orienteering – sprint final

Wynyard Quarter

Cycling - criterium

Games Entertainment Hub



Akarana Golf Club


Massey Archery Club

Archery - field

McLeod Park


Mt Roskill War Memorial Park


Waitemata Clay Target Club


Westwave Aquatic

Water polo

Woodhill / Muriwai

Muriwai Golf Club


Woodhill Forest

Orienteering – long distance

Woodhill Mountain Bike Park

Cycling – mountain biking



Do I have to attend a face-to-face interview?

Yes, interviews are a mandatory requirement for all volunteers.

However, in some cases the Sport Delivery Partner may endorse specific volunteers and they will be able to by-pass this stage. You will be notified directly by the World Masters Games 2017 Volunteers Team if you have received an endorsement.

Endorsements will be provided as an exception, rather than the rule, and all volunteers who complete the application process should expect to attend a face-to-face volunteer interview.


Where will interviews be held?

Interviews will be held in both Auckland and Waikato. Full location details will be provided with your interview invitation.


When will I find out if I have an interview?

Volunteer interviews are scheduled to be held in July 2016 and November 2016.

We will endeavour to provide two to three weeks’ notice of your interview session date, time and location.

You can view your Interview and Information Session details here.


What happens if I can’t make the time or date for my interview?

We are scheduling a significant number of volunteer interviews and appreciate you making every effort to attend your scheduled sessions.

However, if you cannot attend, please contact the Volunteers Team on or 0800 777 463 and we may be able to find you an alternative session.

If you are unable to attend an alternative session, your application will be placed ‘on hold’ and reconsidered after those who can attend an interview session have been processed (if roles are still available).


What happens at the interview session?

At the interview session, you will be provided with an overview of World Masters Games 2017 and the team you are interviewing for. You will have an informal one-on-one interview with a member of the World Masters Games 2017 Team, who will discuss some of the specific skills and tasks required of your role.

You will also complete your NZ Police Vetting consent form, and your photo ID will be sighted.

The interview sessions also provide the opportunity for you to chat to the World Masters Games 2017 Team directly, and discuss any queries you may have.



How do you decide which shifts to schedule each volunteer on?

Each volunteer receives an individual schedule which outlines the date, role, start time and finish time for each shift.

The schedules are developed based on the availability information each volunteer provides at the application stage, and the schedule of the Games.

For example, if you are only available to volunteer on weekends, this may limit the roles you can apply for, as some sport competition occurs on weekdays only.


When will my shifts occur?

Volunteer shifts are mostly during the day, however there are a small number of roles where evening shifts are available. These include involvement with sports that have evening sessions, and some roles based at the Games Entertainment Hub.

The majority of volunteer shifts are during the Games period of April 21 – 30, 2017. Roles that require volunteers to be available outside this period are clearly stated on the position description. A full list of position descriptions can be found here.


How long will my volunteer shifts be?

Volunteer shifts will be approximately 8 hours in length.


When will I receive my volunteer schedule?

We anticipate volunteer schedules will be available in December 2016.


Can I make changes to my volunteer schedule?

Scheduling up to 4,000 volunteers across 45 venues is a very complex job, and we appreciate volunteers making every effort to attend their scheduled shifts.

However, we do appreciate that personal commitments can change, and we will make every effort to accommodate schedule change requests. Instructions on how to request a schedule change will be provided when your schedule is published.



Why do I need to attend training?

Volunteer training is essential to ensure you have the necessary skills and information to perform your assigned role effectively and safely.

Training also provides you with tools and information to ensure you can assist the 25,000 athletes to have the best experience possible will competing at World Masters Games 2017.

Some volunteer roles may require more extensive training than others, and further information on training requirements specific to your role will be communicated closer to the training dates in March / April 2017.


What are the different training modules?

Volunteer training has a variety of modules:

  1. Orientation training: is mandatory for all volunteers and covers all general aspects of World Masters Games 2017 and fulfilling your volunteer role (such as how to check-in, uniform guidelines, accreditation, meals and health and safety)
  2. Role-specific training: ensures that you have all the required information and skills to perform your role effectively. This session will vary for each role, and could range from a briefing to specific training in computer systems for the Accreditation and Registration team
  3. Venue-specific training: ensures that you are familiar with your surroundings, know where all the key facilities are in order to assist athletes and other Games participants, and aware of any health and safety hazards or areas of concern.
  4. Leadership training: if you’re a Team Leader, this training module will provide you with information and skills to manage your team during the Games period.


Where will training take place?

Training sessions will take place at various venues in Auckland and Waikato. Exact locations will be confirmed when you receive your training schedule in early 2017.



Will I be provided with a uniform for the Games?

Yes, all volunteers will receive a World Masters Games 2017 volunteer uniform.

The uniform is to be worn at each volunteer shift, and guidelines for wear will be provided when you collect your uniform.


Where will I collect my uniform from?

Volunteer uniform collections will be available in both Auckland and Waikato. Exact locations, dates and times will be communicated to all volunteers in early 2017.