The medals to be presented at the Games have been unveiled by three WMG2017 competitors – Games Ambassador Hamish Carter, Orienteering competitor Tania Larsen and Sprint Triathlon entrant Ema Iuli, at Auckland’s SKYCITY Hotel.

Designed and produced by the company responsible for medals at the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games, each prize medal – at 70mm in diameter and weighing approximately 135 grams – showcases the Games logo that incorporates the unique takarangi (spiral) designed by Graham Tipene for WMG2017.

The takarangi represents the movement of water and the connection between the northern and southern hemispheres, which is a nod to the coming together of athletes from all around the world for the event. The design also represents the connection of the Maori people of Auckland to the city’s three harbours. A blue ribbon represents the colour of the water which is central to the takarangi.

WMG2017 Chief Executive Jennah Wootten says if athletes needed any further incentive to sign up for the Games, the impressive sight of the gold, silver and bronze medals on offer should provide it.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sportspeople of all ages and abilities to compete in a global event against athletes of similar ability for medal honours. Not every athlete will win a medal, and perhaps not every competitor is striving for one, however we wanted to create a symbol befitting the achievement of those that do.”

“Along with the memories the participants will create along the way, the medals will be lifelong mementoes of their achievements on the field of play.”

The medals are expected to be handed out at more than 3,000 medals ceremonies during the Games.