Go to My Account and sign in using the details from your confirmation email. Select ‘Edit Registration’, select ‘WMG2017 PARTICIPANTS' (at the end of the page), select ‘Next’ (at the end of the page), scroll down to ‘ACCREDITATION PHOTOGRAPH’ and you’ll be able to upload a photo or capture using a webcam. When adding a photo, please do your best to ensure that it’s in the style of a passport photo (head and shoulders and ideally with a white background). Feel free to smile! Tips on what makes a good photo can be found here.

Once complete, click ‘Next’, and ‘Next’ again on every page (yes, we know this is painful sorry!) until you get to the last page where you can select ‘Finish’ (bottom right), and the next page where you can select ‘Exit’. Phew - all done!

Note, if you are uploading a photo, your photo should between 100 - 300KB. All photographs will be printed in black and white therefore a plain light coloured background is most suitable for printing purposes.

Examples of acceptable (top) and unacceptable (bottom) photos for accreditation;