The World Masters Games 2017 community is the hang-out for athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials and supporters – in fact anyone planning to attend the World Masters Games 2017.

Each month we will be profiling a different World Masters Games 2017 community profile. This time we profile Hisao Yamakami from Japan.

What do you know about the World Masters Games?

I imagine that it’s like a FIBA Basketball World Championships in many kind of sports.

What motivates you to compete?  

It’s a source of friendship with acquaintances from the past to the new. It is based on mental and physical health. I believe there is no friendship through sports without some form of competition. I'd like to deepen the friendship with people who gather from around the world.

What sport are you entering for World Masters Games 2017 ?  

I would like to enter basketball in the category 65+.  I wish to enter long jump too if possible.

What have you heard about New Zealand and the host city Auckland?  

I have heard your country is ecologically rich and beautiful.

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