We are now pleased to be able to provide you with an update and confirmation of the costs for boat hire, which, with our Sports Partners we have worked hard to ensure are as cost effective as possible, and will not compromise the service and quality of the product being offered.

The boat hire prices are shown per boat in the table below.

The pricing structure is based on a ‘Racing Package’, with a fixed price per boat and oars per morning or afternoon event block, and includes one-hour of free training time (at a predetermined time between 22nd-23rd April 2017).

To use an example:

Two athletes want to compete in the Double Scull (2x)-Men-H. One athlete is required to pay the total of $200 for the hire of the boat. The $200 hire fee will cover the following: one hour of training, their heat race, and then subject to entries and performance, semi-finals and finals. As a minimum each rower has use of the boat for two hours, this equates to $50 per seat/ per hour.

Boat types Available

Price per boat for training, event and progression

Single Scull

$100NZD+GST (15%)

Double Scull

$200NZD+GST (15%)

Coxless Pairs

$200NZD+GST (15%)

Quad Scull

$400NZD+GST (15%)

Coxed Four

$400NZD+GST (15%)

Coxless Four

$400NZD+GST (15%)


$800NZD+GST (15%)

Limited availability exists for the hire of certain boat types so we recommend you secure your booking as soon as possible. The boats are provided on a first come, first served basis. New Zealand based athletes should, wherever possible, arrange to bring their own boats and equipment.

For team boats, only one crew member is required to complete a boat hire request and make payment as part of their registration. We recommend that the person creating each crew also hires a boat where required.

If you have already registered and requested to hire a boat, you are now required to login to your WMG2017 account and pay for the boats requested. Click here to access the WMG2017 Portal.

If you have already registered and would now like to hire a boat, you can also login to your WMG2017 account and select the boats you wish to hire and make payment. Click here to access the WMG2017 Portal.

Otherwise if you have not yet registered, you can complete this process in full now by clicking here.  

Please make sure that you also refer to the Event Listing detail on our website, and that you do not select more than one event per session. For the mixed events on Friday you can enter more than one race, but be mindful of the event schedule and the races you select.  

If you have any further questions or require assistance with the boat hire process, please email contactus@wmg2017.co.nz