Allison Roe Blog Post 3

Rowing training continues to go well despite the bite of winter.  So far I’ve had four lessons – doesn’t seem much but an important start particularly at this time of year.  Winter focus is on spending time on the erg and continue to improve my technique.  I am, however,  looking for a practice boat to have up the coast where I live so I can ramp up the on-water mileage.  Heavens it is a technical sport.  

Come summer I will be really into and onto it and in the meantime my schedule involves rowing, barefoot running, mountain biking and gym working.  My goal is to do something every day – and my weight is showing the benefits – down 7kg, looking and feeling great.

Allison Roe Blog Post 2

My first attempt to get into a boat and onto the water was a false start – wet, windy and surf-like conditions on Lake Pupuke meant my first foray never got off the ground … or land.   However it proved an extremely useful chance to row indoors, learn about technique and check out the extremely skinny boats.

A week later and a second attempt to get into a boat and onto the water proved more successful.  First major triumph – I managed to get into a boat (a double scull with only me in it), out onto the lake and back without getting wet.  I was fortunate to have some one on one instruction from the fantastic North Shore Rowing Club masters rower Rebecca Caroe. The big surprise was not only do I need to learn and practice rowing technique but there’s a whole new language to understand!  Before long I will be rowing literate as I come to terms with the terminology.

I have to say it felt good even though I am still coming to grips with … well the grip … learning to hold the oars loosely rather than like a vice, crossing the left hand over the right hand and then making sure that I am not ‘catching crabs’, something I managed to do anyway.  The next lesson I learn to ‘feather’ - new technique and new terminology.  It didn’t feel like much of a work out with all the technical instruction but I did get to row on the lake a few times and practice turning around a buoy after whacking an unsuspecting swan in the head by accident.  Must have been a tired swan as it was a bit slow taking flight and I narrowly missed being ‘bombed’ in retaliation.  Even though the sun was low I had decided at the last minute to wear a cap and will from now on as don’t fancy having my hair fertilized.

So all in all a pretty good start and I now need to organise a practice boat to have closer to home so I can practice regularly between my coaching sessions.  My focus is to master the technique and then take up the invitation to join other rowers out on the water.  

Allison Roe Blog Post 1

Nearly two years to go until World Masters Games 2017 and, for reasons unclear to me and anyone else, I’m really keen to give rowing a go.  While I haven’t hit the water yet, aside from paddling an unsinkable sea kayak, I have started my journey on a Concept 2 rowing machine offloaded to me by a south Auckland doctor friend.

First step is to lower my body weight and up my fitness level.  So far so good.  Although not as easy to whip the older body into shape but I can definitely feel results and soon the mirror might show them.  Hopefully it’s not just my imagination but I “feel” lighter and more streamlined!  The scales do tell a story and for a while they were lying to me, but now I can they are finally working!

I have yet to sit in single scull but will very very soon and look forward to some expert technical advice from my fellow WMG2017 ambassador and Olympic bronze medalist, Nathan Twaddle.  

In the meantime I am pretty excited about this new challenge and to bringing more discipline to what goes in my mouth and the regularity of my previously spasmodic training.  My new mantra is “my body is my temple” and I am avoiding sugar, grains (asides from GF), watching TV news (so disheartening) - all a reminder tune up to my relatively clean, green, sustainable lifestyle.  I think about the nutritional content of my mostly home grown organic diet, where there might be gaps and how best to replace what is lacking in the soil.

We often think we are being good until we start recording what we are actually eating, how much time we’re not sleeping and how we tend to over stress ourselves.  It is too easy to forget to take time out for oneself and I believe World Masters Games 2017 has the potential to be a great wake up call for anyone who even thinks they’d like to ‘play’ one of the sports on offer, ‘compete’ at an age group level or simply meet some new like minded friends.

So the fun has begun and on that note I am going to get off my chair – oh but then I need to sit down to row a few laps.  Oh well, at least I’ll be moving.