Volunteer 5 in 5 - Denice Chambers, Napier

What was your first volunteering role?  

The Commonwealth Games in Auckland back in 1990

What other events have you volunteered for? 

Rugby World Cup, World Triathlon, Harbour Swim and in summer I meet and greet the cruise ships.

What’s been your most memorable volunteering experience to date? 

Being part of the Rugby World Cup as it was such a BIG event, and there was a lot going on, and we won!! Plus there were lots of visitors and the city was so colourful. It was great seeing people from all parts of the world.

Why have you volunteered for WMG2017? 

I love sport. I have been part of a Masters Games held in NZ for hockey and have a gold medal or two. I love the commaraderie and player excitement. Now I'd like to give back as I'm not playing sport anymore.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer? 

It helps make the event enjoyable for everyone – you and the visitors. And it's rewarding being part of a successful event that puts New Zealand on the map. Plus you meet people from far and wide!

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