In an event that celebrates 'sport for all for life', Man Kaur stands out.

That's because she will be 101 by the time of the World Masters Games 2017 in Auckland. She is the first centenarian to register for the global event that attracts participants from 100 countries and all walks of life. 

Ms Kaur, from India, will take the trip to Auckland in her stride. She has just competed in the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, where she won a gold medal in the 100m dash, being the only female competitor in her age class. 

She has won upwards of 20 medals at masters games around the world.

At WMG2017, Ms Kaur (born in 1916) is not content on competing in just one discipline in Athletics. She's taking on the 100m, 200m, javelin and shot put. That's a big wow from us.

Man Kaur’s son Grudev Singh (born in 1938) will also compete in Athletics – the 100m, 200m and Long Jump - making it a true family affair.