WMG2017 sport(s) 

Athletics (track 4 x 400 metre relay)

WMG2017 competition goal

To get around the track in one piece!

Anna StanleyOne of the few New Zealand netball captains to claim a clean sweep series victory over the Australians, a World Championship title and Commonwealth Games gold medal, Anna Stanley is already an advocate for masters sport.

Anna, whose sporting success started in her younger years as a track athlete and included representing New Zealand at the Pan Pacific Games, will be joining two of her former New Zealand international athletes to form a 4 x 400m track relay team for 2017.

As a Sky Sport TV netball commentator, Anna is not discounting getting a group of mates together to make up a netball team. She says whatever sports she competes in at the Games, she encourages anyone to have a go as a means of keeping fit and active, forging new friendships or even trying a new sport.

“The camaraderie and social side of masters sports sounds like a lot of fun and for that reason alone, I would encourage people to come along in 2017,” she says.