WMG2017 sport(s)

Athletics (half marathon)

WMG2017 competition goal

I will be aiming to run a personal best. For me, this is the joy of running. It is not about beating other people, it’s just about beating yourself and what you have done in the past, whatever age you may be.

Dom Harvey may be best known as a sometimes controversial media personality, but it’s his love of running and desire to encourage others to ‘have a go’ which have seen him leap at the chance to be a World Masters Games 2017 ambassador.

He grew up in a running household as his mum took up jogging when it became "trendy" in the 1980's, starting out with 10km fun runs and ran his first full marathon – his mum’s favourite distance - when he was just 14. 

“It was another 16 years before I did my second one. I stopped all forms of exercise when I left school and only started again when I was in my late 20s and my weight had ballooned to 115 kilos.” 

Now he’s up to about 15 marathons and tries to do one or two each year. He set a goal a few years ago to run the six events that make up the "World Marathon Majors" and has so far ticked off Boston, New York, London, Chicago and, earlier this year, Berlin at which he set a new personal best time of 3 hours 05 minutes.  Dom remains ever hopeful of breaking the elusive three-hour mark.

Dom describes himself as an exercise addict which is behind his drive to promote and compete in WMG2017.

“It was an addiction that grew over time and now I cannot imagine my life without regular exercise. If I can encourage others to get out there and give something a go then I will.”