WMG2017 sport(s)

Athletics (half marathon road race and 5000 metres track), Swimming (2500 metres open water), Cycling (20 km time trial), Triathlon (sprint distance)

WMG2017 competition goal

I have twin goals but they’re incompatible.  Win five gold medals showing my hunger as an athlete, and be last in my age group in those five events showing I’m a good host.

Garth Barfoot

Masters sports is what Garth Barfoot knows and loves. He is a true weekend warrior who has competed in hundreds of triathlon events, entered 33 ironman events and completed 20 of them. In April 2014 Garth completed the swim section in the teams race of the Barfoot & Thompson ITU World Series Triathlon notwithstanding a hip replacement nine weeks earlier after being knocked off his bike by a car. “Why not” says Garth.  “My surgeon said that it would be good non weight bearing exercise.  I chose not to tell him there was a 250 metre run to the transition area, in any event the organisers offered to have crutches waiting for me at the end of the swim.”

To celebrate turning 80 in 2016 Garth entered as many world championships in triathlon as he could, not just enter but start, not just start but finish.  His quest took him to four countries across three continents.  In all he started in six races and although the records show just one gold against his name, Garth feels that with six “gold memories” in his luggage his international quest has been money well spent.

Unusually for someone his age Garth has to fit his training around a regular job as a director of Auckland real estate company, Barfoot & Thompson, the presenting partner of World Masters Games 2017.  Garth turns his lack of training time to his advantage, always looking forward to a training session “because it is different to work”.

“World Masters Games 2017 is a unique opportunity to showcase the mastetrs’ sports ethos I love and the city I call home,” says Garth.