WMG2017 sport(s)

Rowing and Triathlon

WMG2017 competition goal

Survival is desirable but not critical.  But I do want to win the trash talk battle pre-race, regardless of whether I can back it up or not.

Nathan Twaddle

Olympic bronze medal rower Nathan Twaddle takes his place as one of a number of highly successful New Zealander rowers in recent years. It was in the pair that he carved out a successful international career, teaming up with George Bridgewater to take the World Championship title in 2005 in the famous Gifu Kiwi medal haul.

The duo went on to take two more silver medals in 2006 at Eton and 2007 at Munich. His career highlight is undoubtedly when he and George won the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Accolades and awards followed including the Halberg Team of the Year title in 2005.

Now an Athlete Life Advisor with High Performance Sport New Zealand based in Cambridge, Nathan still enjoys rowing socially with mates from the Auckland Rowing Club.  

“The competition and camaraderie of rowing was always a big part of why I rowed and masters events means I can continue to do so.  In fact a few mates and I were recently discussing what sports we might compete in at the World Masters Games 2017 – there are certainly plenty of options even outside of rowing, and I’m looking forward to being part of such an exciting event.”