It is no longer possible to create new teams in the Football competition. You are still able to add players and non-playing officials to existing teams up until 31 March 2017 via the normal registration process. 

Football Sports Information Guide

See the Football Sports Information Guide for Scheduling, Venue, Linesmen, Uniforms along with other important competition information.

For the detailed World Masters Games Football Rules and Regulations click here.

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This will be updated regularly as further information comes to hand.

Competition Details

A Grade (Premier)

B Grade (Competitive)

Proposed Age Categories

A Grade (Premier) - Men and Women: 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+

B Grade (Competitive) - Men and Women: 30+, 40+,50+

Open Grade - Men and Women: 55+, 60+

The age category you will compete in for Football will be determined as at 31 December 2017.

For team sports, the category you compete in is based on the age of the youngest team member.

For example, if your youngest team member is 39 during Games time but has turned 40 by 31 December 2017, you would compete in the 40+ age category.


North Harbour Staium (QBE Stadium), located just under 18km north of Central Auckland.
Transport Information Guide - North Harbour Stadium (QBE Stadium)

Westlake Girls High School, located just under 10km north of Central Auckland.
Transport Information Guide - Westlake Girls High School

Westlake Boys High School, located just under 10km north of Central Auckland. 
Transport Information Guide - Westlake Boys High School

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