Registrations are now closed to supporters and for most sports.  The only remaining registration options are as follows. These will remain open until 31 March, or until the Games reaches total event capacity.

  • Triathlon – Individual and Team
  • Swimming – Open Water only
  • Athletics – Cross Country only
  • Members joining existing teams
  • Package upgrades eg: bronze to silver (from My Account)

Registering to be a participant in the World Masters Games 2017 requires just a few key decisions:

1. How will you participate in the Games?

  • Athlete and Para-Sport Athlete – takes to the field of play to compete in a sport
  • Non-Playing Official – attending in a non-playing support role, such as coach, manager, medical personnel or scorer
  • Supporter – anyone who wants to experience the world’s largest festival of sports in an official capacity, including friends, colleagues, partners and children of athletes, as well as general sports enthusiasts

2. Which participation package best suits your needs?

  • Bronze – an entry level package for all participants that includes official Games accreditation, one sport (for Athletes and Para-Sport Athletes only), attendance at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and participant-only social nights at the Games Entertainment Hub, and participant pack.
  • Silver – all of the above plus an exclusive Games t-shirt, transport pass, visitor attractions pass and fitness centre access.
  • Gold – all of the above plus fast track accreditation, an exclusive cocktail function, access to the Gold Lounge at the Games Entertainment Hub across the full 10 days of the Games, ferry services and a commemorative bottle of New Zealand wine.

Non-Playing Officials and Supporters are encouraged to purchase the same type of participation package as the athlete/s they are supporting to ensure they have access to the same services and experiences.

Learn more about the participation packages.

3. If you’re an Athlete or Para-Sport Athlete, which sport/s and discipline/s are you are going to compete in?

  • Each participation package includes one sport, and all disciplines within that sport. In some cases, the number of disciplines you can enter may be limited by sport-specific rules or scheduling conflicts. Participating in additional sports attracts an additional fee of NZD$50 per sport. Before registering for multiple sports or disciplines, please check the Sports Schedule to avoid conflicts.

4. If you’re generally the person who organises a team, such as a coach, manager or captain, there are some extra steps you’ll need to take on behalf of the team. The process is explained here.

5. All registrations are completed online, and should take approximately 15 minutes. Please note, you will need to complete your registration in one session – there is no option to save a partially completed registration and return later.

To register, you will need:

  • A payment method - we accept all major internationally recognised credit cards. New Zealanders can also pay by internet banking. 
  • A photograph for use on your Games accreditation pass - which you can upload using Webcam (you will need to have Flash loaded), or you can upload an existing passport style image (the recommended file size is 100-300KB). 
  • And if you're not from New Zealand, you will need your passport details.

Note that registration for supporters aged under 18 (at point of registration) will need to be completed by a legal parent or guardian. 

The personal information collected as part of your registration will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is subject to our Participation Terms and Conditions.